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Guyana, a country of exceptional natural beauty, is a splendid combination of the Caribbean and South America, with fascinating touches of a sometimes turbulent past. Perched on the north-east corner of the South American continent, Guyana stretches 450 miles from its long Atlantic coastline into dense equatorial forest and the broad savannah of the Rupununi.
The picturesque capital and primary port is Georgetown, a city of comfortable, modern hotels, fine colonial buildings, and broad, tree-lined boulevards. The striking wooden architecture is reminiscent of Guyana's centuries as a Dutch, and then a British colony. Georgetown offers an evocative introduction to the land of Guyana. Don't miss the imposing St. George's Cathedral, reputed to be the tallest wooden building in the world.

Life in Guyana is dominated by mighty rivers, including the Demerara, the Berbice and the Essequibo, which provide essential highways into the rain forests and jungles of the interior. Mankind has made little impact here, and today Guyana remains one of the world's most exciting destinations for adventuresome travel and exploration.

Setting out for the interior by boat, light aircraft or 4x4, you encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Guyana spreading out like a tropical carpet. Jaguar still roam the rain forest, and the unearthly cries of troupes of howler monkeys echo through the trees. The Giant River Otter, the Black Caiman, and the Arapaima (the largest freshwater fish in the world) swim in the rivers of the Rupununi. Flashes of scarlet, yellow and blue burst through the forest's intense green as macaws fly like arrows across a clearing in the canopy. Toucans, and the awesome Harpy Eagle, swoop through the trees, while the beautiful but elusive Guyana Cock-of-the-Rock lingers around the waters of Kaieteur Falls. More than 700 indigenous species of birds adorn Guyana's forests.

The tumbling rivers and dense rainforests of Guyana are filled with extraordinary natural sights. Kaieteur Falls, where the 400-foot wide Potaro River plunges 741 feet downward from the Pakaraima Plateau, is one of the world's great waterfalls. The magnificence of Kaieteur stands beyond any comparison in its majesty and sheer size. You can also visit the striking beauty of the Orinduik Falls, the Marshall Falls, the Kaieteur Gorge and remote Mount Roraima - the inspiration for Conan Doyle's Lost World.

For the adventurer, Guyana is a place of wonder; for the eco-tourist, it is a country where nature has placed its greatest riches. Feel the beauty of the nature whisper across your heart. Discover an experience never to be forgotten.

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The Majestic Kaiteur Falls..741 feet sheer drop.The tallest single drop waterfall in the world!!!Check out exciting day trips to this natural wonder.That's five times the Niagara!!!

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