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Restaurants and Night Life

The best places to dine in Guyana....
[Most hotels listed have excellent dining facilities]


Restaurants,Night Clubs & Bars

The Bottle Restaurant & Bar Georgetown Cara Hotels. Check Website!
Kentucky Fried Chicken Georgetown Stabroek and other locations Tel:227-3110/ 225-3909/ 226-8400
Subway Georgetown 45-47 Water St. Low fat sandwiches!Tel:227-4885/227-4902
Palm Court Restaurant and Bar Georgetown Main Street Dining,Drinks and Entertainment.Tel:225-7938
Royal Castle Georgetown Hadfield & Lombard Sts. Local Breads and Fried Chicken
New Thriving Georgetown Camp Steet Delicious Chinese Cusine
Buddy's Night Club Georgetown Sherrif St. Night Club & Pool Hall-"The Place is Jumping!"
Pizza Hut Georgetown Barima Ave. & Vlissengen Rd. Pizza Delivered:Tel:226-6888