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Guyanatours :Guyana's Eco-Tourism Directory .
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Specials of the Month


Resorts and Tour Packages

Evergreen Adventures Inc. Office:Georgetown Island Resort:Essequibo Island Get-away
Shell Beach Adventures Office: Georgetown Beach and rainforest combo Exciting Nature Connection
Shanklands Rainforest Resort Office: Georgetown Interior Resort Great price!!
Wilderness Explorers Office : Georgetown Interior Resort Excellent Eco-Tour!
Timberhead Rainforest Resort Office: Georgetown Interior Resort Birds,wild-life,resort
Lake Mainstay Resort Office: Georgetown Lake-side Resort Remote,Exotic
Splashmins Resort and Fun Park Office: Georgetown Linden Highway Sand,Creek,Sun,Fun

Resorts may from time to time advertise specials and discounts here ,but please check websites above for any currently available.

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