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Guyanatours :Guyana's Eco-Tourism Directory .
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Environmental and Conservation Policy

Enter subhead content here is a privately owned tour directory service and a nature friendly and oriented company respecting ecological touch of Guyana. We offer eco-friendly tour packages that enable tourists to get back to nature with ecologically low profile impacts. Our advertisers packages are tailor made to actively involve clients in conservation of natural resources and the local culture The guides/drivers are in the forefront in ensuring that there are no negative environmental impacts to the areas visited. The guides have professional knowledge of ecological conservation and how to ensure environmental cleanliness is maintained to avoid destruction of natural resources. Ecofriendly travelers are requested to adhere to environmental standards and help our disappearing environment maintain sustainability. The following eco-guidelines act as GuyanaTours' yardstick to travelers visiting natural places and serve as our environmental policy:

Do not litter areas visited. You are requested to deposit it in well-designated areas, or request the guide for advise on this. Litter pollutes and reduces the quality of the environment.

Please ensure that natural resources are utilized sparingly in order to avoid over use and over exploitation as these resources are scarce and in most cases non renewable. Water and energy resources are scarce and make sure you use them well. Switch off the lights and turn off the taps when not in use.

Ensure that the areas visited are protected against any environmental damage, which may cause disruption of wildlife in protected areas. Remember we value environmental conservation for the long-term use of resources and we seek such places for recreation

Do not light or start fires in protected areas as this may cause environmental damage, minimize campfires and where possible make use of ecofriendly Charcoal, which may be available in our campsites. Fuels should also be used sparingly and with little environmental dangers.

Respect the local culture and maintain cultural interaction. Allow the local people to protect their local cultures and value their social settings without any interference. However, we encourage cultural interaction. We request all our clients to help us maintain our environment clean and eliminate the notion that tourism destroys what it seeks once it finds it and tourism destroys tourism. For further details, contact our eco-tourism planner and consultant: Eco-tourism Coordinator,


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