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Hotels and Apartments


This is a list of the best hotels where you may want to stay
before heading out on your eco-tour.



Hotels,Apartments,Bed & Breakfast

LeMeridien Int'l Hotel Kingston,Georgetown Atlantic Coast Excellent Accomodation,Wonderful Poolside Bar and Dining.
Grand Coastal Inn East Coast Demerara Ocean View Great Accomodation,on the Atlantic Coast
Hotel Tower Main Street Georgetown Wonderful Accomodation,Bar,Dining also Emerald Tower Resort
Cara Hotel Georgetown The Bottle Restaurant Top Class Accomodation and tours based on the needs of the leisure traveller
Main Street Plaza Hotel Main Street Georgetown Suites at Room Prices!
Alpha Hotels Georgetown East Coast East Bank 3 Locations
Friends Hotel Apartment Rental Robb Street Good Accomodation

Available Packages

Canoe Trip

Part of Orinduik Falls.


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